About Us

Miles of Smiles makes a strong commitment to provide a loving developmental foundation for each child's individuality along with lots of love.

We provide a safe and secure environment, full of creativity, which encourages the development of social and verbal skills.

We participate in many activities, which include but are not limited to a daily circle time, arts and crafts, music and movement, story time, outdoor play, and free play.

We encourage independence, self-confidence and consideration for others. Our children are treated in a gentle and caring manner at all times.

We believe in guiding children through their play. Through play, children will learn cognitive, language, physical and social skills. Children go through different stages of development. We believe it is important to look at the stage and to plan developmentally appropriate activities. When dealing with behaviors we believe you need to look at what the function of the behavior is and set an appropriate consequence for the behavior. It is very important to be consistent and to follow through.

We believe in positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is an effective tool in guiding children through their play. Giving positive reinforcement will guide children in learning the appropriate skills and behaviors.

We believe in redirection. Redirection is another positive way in dealing with inappropriate behaviors. Redirect the child to another area, help them get started in an activity and then fade away. We think it is very important to stay positive when dealing with behaviors.

We promote a healthy atmosphere. It is important for children to eat a healthy diet and to have a rest time. The meals will consist of a variety of foods, well balanced, nutritious and appealing. Children know when they have eaten enough. Being healthy will help them learn appropriate skills.

We ensure the safety of every child. Making sure the environment is safe for children to play. We feel it is very important to have a positive and harmonious environment. Try and make every situation positive.

We understand that modeling appropriate behavior is very important for a child's up bringing. We talk to children, respect their viewpoints, always listen, and understand how they feel and work together to make a positive and harmonious environment.